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John Oliver Explains to Viewers – and Trump – How Asylum Actually Works (Video)

It’s a little more informative than ”Schoolhouse Rock!“

John Oliver spent Sunday night explaining how political asylum actually works. Donald Trump may want to take 20 minutes for this one.

Watch the video above — it was a little more thorough than the ditty “Schoolhouse Rock!” tried to implant into our brains back in 1976. Want a refresher of that one? Oliver’s main segment last night opened with a clip from the well-meaning disco-era cartoon.

During his takedown of America’s woefully inadequate immigration system, the “Last Week Tonight” host got few a good jabs in on those keeping it broken — like Trump’s top policy advisor, Stephen Miller, whom Oliver dubbed the “world’s tallest Minion.”

Oliver then put the jokes aside for a little bit to get into the actual horrors of the screening and detaining process. He spent quite a bit of time explaining Title 42, which is good, because it is complicated and doesn’t have a whole lot of public awareness.

“The asylum process has never been easy, but this administration has made it absolute hell,” Oliver said.

“If you are wondering, ‘Well, what can we do about this?’ There is actually one thing that you can do: You can vote for Joe Biden,” the HBO personality. “We can’t begin to fix the damage done by this administration until we replace the administration itself.”