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John Oliver Probably Just Committed Treason With This Segment on Voting Machines (Video)

You’re welcome, Russia

Last Updated: November 4, 2019 @ 7:40 AM

John Oliver may have been an enemy of the State this whole time. Or at least an aggregator of information on how to influence an American election.

On Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight,” the HBO host tackled the incredibly flawed voting process, with a focus on the incredibly flawed-er machines we use. At different points in making his point, the “Daily Show” alum called up footage from a young woman pretty easily gaining unlawful admin access to a voting machine, and then shared the story of a Princeton University professor who documents easy access to those machines every Election Day.

“So to recap: I’ve now shown you how to hack voting machines in less than two minutes AND how to find unattended voting machines,” Oliver quipped. “It’s the kind of important education work we do here at ‘I Really Hope Putin Doesn’t Watch This Show with John Oliver.'”

Fingers crossed on that.

Watch the video above.