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John Oliver Deports Our Disastrous Immigration Court System (Video)

“Last Week Tonight” casts preschoolers in “Hot Bench” spoof to show how stupid this whole thing is

Citizens of this country, be grateful that you’ll never have to step foot into our Immigration Courts. John Oliver spent his Easter trashing the whole stupid system, in which the majority of defendants end up representing themselves.

“If you can’t afford a lawyer, you have to defend yourself, which is clearly a terrible idea,” Oliver said last night. “Think of an immigration hearing like surgery: You can try and do it yourself, but if you ever want to see your f—ing family again, maybe try and get a professional to help you.”

The dumb system with serious consequences actually allows children as young as two-years-old to defend themselves. One immigration lawyer had some head-shaking fun on YouTube showing just how ridiculous that is.

Oliver got in on that absurdness Sunday, revealing his new TV production “Tot Bench,” a play on real daytime courtroom show “Hot Bench.” Yeah, all of the lawyers, judges, bailiffs, stenographers and sketch artists are preschoolers — only the defendant is an adult.

Good luck getting a fair trial, grown-up.

Watch the “Last Week Tonight” video above.