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John Oliver Throws His Hat in the Ring to Become Italian Prime Minister (Video)

Turns out “fake news” is not just an issue in Trump’s America

Englishman John Oliver, host of an American talk show, has thrown his hat into the ring to become Italian Prime Minister.

On Sunday, the “Last Week Tonight” personality broke down Italy’s upcoming election, which based on the current mix of candidates, appears to be of the lose-lose variety.

The alt-right’s Matteo Salvini, for example, was described by Oliver as a “fascist Mary Poppins.” That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Making matters worse, Salvini has some ties to President Trump, which perhaps explains Italy’s own “fake news” problem.

“Oh, you thought maybe Trump would not pop up in this story?” the HBO host asked his audience last night. “Think again. He is truly the Forrest Gump of human misery.”

The “Daily Show” alum is a leader you can believe in, Italians. And since there is no law on the books explicitly disallowing him…

Watch the video above.