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John Oliver ‘Quits’ ‘Last Week Tonight’ and It’s Because of Australian Koalas (Video)

Host joked ”we have accomplished everything we set out to do“

John Oliver gave his fans a scare on Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight” by packing up his desk and declaring that his show was over.

Oliver was obviously kidding, though that didn’t stop fans from wondering if the comedian really was ending his show midway through its fifth season.

“We have accomplished everything we set out to do on this show,” he said, after revealing that the Australian Zoo named its new Koala after him. Oliver did this after opening an envelope where he had written down his main goal for the show, and sure enough, it was just three words: “Koala Chlamydia Ward.”

“Thanks very much everyone, but we are f—— done over here, let’s shut it down.”

Confused yet? Here’s some background.

Last month, “Last Week Tonight” purchased items from Russell Crowe’s auction of various costumes and props from his films, and donated them to one of the last remaining Blockbuster Video stores in Anchorage, Alaska.

Crowe then tweeted, “I think this is such a wonderful random act of kindness that I am planning now on how to best use the @iamjohnoliver money he spent on groin protectors and such . Given his often shown genuine love for Australians and Australia , it’s got to be something special .”

Crowe then followed that up, saying he had “a eureka moment” on how to use the money from Oliver. He would donate it to help treat chlamydia in koalas at the Australia Zoo.

Yes, really. How did Oliver know that it was specifically his money that went to this? Well, the Australia Zoo bestowed an honor upon Oliver that, as he said at the end of his show, was a lifelong goal of his: The John Oliver Koala Chlamydia Ward.

While Oliver was kidding about quitting his show — HBO renewed the show through 2020 — that didn’t stop fans from getting nervous.

“Last Week Tonight” is scheduled to return next Sunday, but watch the video above to see Oliver pack up his giant Reese’s’ coffee mug.