John Oliver Has Simple Message for Birds: ‘F— You!’ (Video)

“Last Week Tonight” host goes off on winged creatures — except penguins — in new web exclusive

John Oliver‘s “Last Week Tonight” may still be on hiatus, but that didn’t stop the host from releasing a new video in which he absolutely loses it when discussing birds.

Yes, birds.

Oliver got on the topic as many birds will soon begin their migration south for the winter. “But before the migration begins, I have a brief message for the birds of the Northeast as they begin their journey southward,” he said. “Are you listening birds? Here it goes: F— you, birds!”

“To me, every single bird is just a s—ty sequel to the dinosaurs, and we’d be better off without you,” he continued. “And yes, I’m talking to you geese. You look like ducks that played football in high school and never stopped going to the gym.”

But geese weren’t the only birds in Oliver’s crosshairs. Parrots felt the rage too. “I’m supposed to like parrots just because they can talk?” he asked. “Basically, every human being talks, and I hate most of them.”

Ostriches probably suffered the worst of Oliver’s wrath, like when he called them, “a giant ball of lint trying to up-s— out a huge leathery snake.”

And when it came to penguins: “You guys are actually fine,” he said. “I got no problem with you, penguins.”

Watch the video above.