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John Oliver Makes Case to Close Guantanamo Bay (Video)

”It does seem like this is one of the few things the entire world agrees on,“ HBO host says

John Oliver examined the legal and moral issues surrounding the military prison at Guantánamo Bay during Sunday night’s episode of “Last Week Tonight.”

Oliver started off by playing a highlight reel of President Obama saying that Guantánamo would close, before explaining that he hasn’t been successful closing the prison.

“I can see the reasons why Guantánamo is appealing. You get to keep potentially dangerous people locked up and far away. But tonight, I would like to argue that there are even better reasons for closing it forever,” Oliver said.

“Let’s just start with the practical ones, it’s very expensive,” Oliver said before noting the $445 million annual price tag. Oliver said that finances aren’t even the biggest issue, considering the United Nations wants the prison shut down.

“It does seem like this is one of the few things the entire world agrees on,” Oliver said. “Guantánamo is f—- up and you know what? Kevin Can wait.”

The HBO funnyman details everything from Guantánamo’s origins to how the prison is in “legal limbo.” The 20-minute segment touches on torture techniques, Donald Rumsfeld, and how Americans are constantly reminded that Guantánamo is home to the worst bad guys on earth.

Watch the video above.