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John Oliver Makes Official Endorsements for 2016 Election (Video)

It’s just not Hillary or Trump

John Oliver delivered his official endorsements for the 2016 election during a “Last Week Tonight” web exclusive video released Sunday night.

The catch is Oliver decided not to endorse either of the two presumptive party candidates and instead rattled off a list of things he likes.

“Because of my accent, the only elected officials I can endorse are prime ministers, viceroys and magical railway controllers,” he said.

Among the things that Oliver has officially endorsed: animals wearing people clothes; interspecies friendships, like a dog who became friends with a goat; gingham shirts with matching ties; and finally “Pushing Tin,” the air traffic control movie starring John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton.

“Because if you are looking for a snooze in the middle of an overcast Sunday afternoon, ‘Pushing Tin’ will knock you the f— out.”

Watch the video above.