John Oliver Shoots His Shot on Medicare for All – at the Expense of Solange Knowles (Video)

And Bud Light

John Oliver is now a U.S. citizen, and one of our funniest is casting his vote for Medicare for All.

The HBO “Last Week Tonight” host spent Sunday’s show breaking down the many problems of our current healthcare setup — starting with a total lack of coverage for millions.

“Unfortunately, too many people are born in this country with a terrible preexisting condition called Not Being Beyoncé,” Oliver said. “Many of us…are Solange.”

Ouch. (It’s OK, we’re betting she has pretty decent access to healthcare.)

The Brit, who says he’s had good experience with his native country’s national healthcare system, got meaner from there.

Among Oliver’s many insults aimed at Fox personalities, his best was saved for Kennedy, a.k.a. “Sarah Palin’s fourth attempt at cloning herself.”

The “Daily Show” alum didn’t just limit his takedowns to America’s current healthcare system and right-leaning folks at Fox. It was Bud Light’s turn around the 17-minute mark.

Watch the video above.

And then Oliver tallied up the ways you can get “f—ed” under our current healthcare system.

“You can get f—ed by taking an ambulance, you can get f—ed by going to the wrong hospital, or you can get f—ed by going to the right hospital, but getting the wrong surgeon,” Oliver said. “The American healthcare system gives you so many choices as to how you want to get f—ed, it truly is the Kama Sutra of healthcare.”

Now that’s a catchphrase, 2020 Democratic candidates. (We’re looking at you, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.)

“Since moving to America, I don’t think I’ve met anyone who doesn’t have at least one insurance industry horror story,” Oliver wrapped his main segment up. “At this point, the U.S. national anthem should just everyone in the stadium yelling about their insurance company for two and a half minutes.”