John Oliver Invites New Slander Lawsuit From Mining Magnate in ‘Eat S—‘ Bob Murray Extravaganza (Video)

Plus: HBO host mocks all of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” prequels — on HBO

After last night’s “Last Week Tonight,” HBO lawyers are gonna want to buy their legal pads in bulk. John Oliver absolutely destroyed litigious coal executive Bob Murray — again — and had some fun at his employer’s expense along the way. (Yes, also again.)

Two years ago, the last time Oliver and his writers went at Murray, the then-Murray Energy CEO sued, threatening that “Home Box Office is in for the fight of its existence,” Oliver read off from a letter his show received.

“Which, look, might actually be true, but not because of his lawsuit,” he said. “It’s because ‘Game of Thrones’ prequels, including ‘Game of Thrones: The College Years,’ ‘Game of Thrones: Winterfell Valley High’ and ‘Throne Babies: Battle for the Rattle’ won’t be out for at least a year.”

“HBO’s gonna be fine,” Oliver added. “It’s gonna be fine.”

The former “Daily Show” correspondent’s tone and face at the time seemed to contradict that comforting sentiment.

Watch the video above.

That setup eventually gave way to Trump jokes. Later, Oliver called Tom Cruise a “smiling idiot.”

Yeah, Sunday’s main segment was kind of all over the place — but not in a bad way.

Just wait until you see the big musical number at the end.