John Oliver Mocks HBO Max in Its First Week: ‘What the F— Is That?’ (Video)

“Why is it so purple?” HBO host wonders. “It’s like I’m watching television from inside of Grimace’s a–hole”

John Oliver tackled voting by mail on Sunday, when the “Last Week Tonight” host didn’t miss an opportunity to slam his show’s new streaming platform, HBO Max.

“Voting is a right. It has to be easy to understand and accessible to everyone,” Oliver set up the takedown. “Unlike, say, HBO Max. What the f— is that by the way? Does anyone actually know? How do I get it? I’m on it and I don’t know.”

“And why is it so purple?” he continued. “It’s like I’m watching television from inside of Grimace’s a–hole. And not in a good way.”

Watch the video above.

Of particular interest to our audience, the segment also includes a pretty solid “Ocean’s 8” routine.

We’ll let John tell that one — and a bunch of Trump jokes.

Oliver also used last night’s episode to mock Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson. Guess where the conservative talking head stands on mail-in voting? Right, he’s opposed.

Liberal Englishman Oliver is on the opposing end of the topic, one which is picking up steam as the coronavirus threatens elections nationwide — including the big one in November.

“If you vote by mail, not only will you be exercising your civic duty, you’ll also be making Tucker Carlson really f—ing mad,” Oliver said. “And what better incentive is there to absolutely anything than that?”