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John Oliver Calls Trump’s Response to Coronavirus ‘Appalling,’ Glenn Beck a ‘Thirsty Bitch’ (Video)

HBO host says those placing the economy over health have created ”a f—ing death cult“

John Oliver is furious with President Donald Trump’s handling (or mishandling, really) of the coronavirus pandemic. On Sunday, the “Last Week Tonight” host called the federal response to the domestic spread of COVID-19 “appalling,” saying the government “wasted so much time that we could have spent preparing” for the crisis.

They also “massively botched the rollout of testing,” he said.

No argument here, but some Republican politicians and pundits would almost surely take exception to that criticism. For starters, there is the lieutenant governor of Texas, Dan Patrick, who has said that many older Americans would gladly risk their lives in an effort to stabilize the American economy for their children and grandchildren.

“If you really want to die so the U.S. economy can boom, we already have a system in place for that and it’s called Black Friday — have at it,” Oliver quipped last night from the (relative) safety of his own home.

Guess who agrees with Patrick? TheBlaze founder Glenn Beck, whom Oliver called a “thirsty bitch” for similar remarks on his conservative radio program.

“Market worship threatens to become a f—ing death cult,” Oliver opined.

Even if baby boomers were down to die for the financial health of this country, going back to work early wouldn’t even accomplish their goal, Oliver argued.

“Relaxing social distancing right now isn’t just trading one bad outcome for another, it’s trading one bad outcome for both bad outcomes,” he said. “It’s s—ting on your cake and choking on it too.”

You probably did the math on this one by now, but Oliver has no confidence in Trump’s ability to keep this sinking ship afloat.

“We are being led through this crisis by a man who may be less equipped to deal with this historical moment than anybody in recorded history,” the “Daily Show” alum said.

That doesn’t exactly inspire optimism in this frightened writer.

Join me? Watch the video above.