John Oliver Calls Kavanaugh Appointment a ‘Shameless Commitment to Bad Faith Arguments’ (Video)

HBO host says Orrin Hatch’s interaction with protesters is a big “f–k you”

John Oliver has been using his “Last Week Tonight” bench to rule against Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court appointment, and on Sunday, he blasted those who let his nomination pass.

“Look, what became painfully clear this week was that no step in this process had a chance of altering Republicans’ course,” Oliver said.

“Not Blasey Ford’s testimony, not the wildly inadequate FBI investigation, not a letter signed by 2,400 law professors saying they oppose his appointments, not even retired Justice Stevens arguing that after watching Kavanaugh’s testimony, he no longer felt that he was fit to serve on the court.”

Oliver then pointed out Senator Orrin Hatch’s response when confronted by female protesters — he told them to “grow up” and made a hand motion as if to wave them away.

“Wow. Even setting aside the spectacular condescension of telling adult women to ‘grow up,’ that wave is a pretty clear ‘f— you,’” Oliver said. “If one thing characterized this entire process, it was an utterly shameless commitment to bad faith arguments, appealing either to principals you don’t believe in, or have no intention of upholding.”

Oliver went hard at Kavanaugh last week, dedicating his entire episode to to a takedown of Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, whom the HBO host dubbed a “walking crushed beer can.” You can watch that clip over here.

Watch the video above.