John Oliver Pitches His Own Superhero Movie ‘Johnny Strong’ (Video)

Don’t expect it at a multiplex near you anytime soon

John Oliver and “Last Week Tonight” were off this week, but that didn’t stop the HBO host from making an impassioned pitch for a new movie series in a web exclusive video.

After Oliver ran down the recent crop of superhero movies — with “Suicide Squad” getting redubbed “The Insane Clown Posse Takes Manhattan”– Oliver pitched a story for his own superhero story, Johnny Strong.

“By day, he is mild-mannered fifth grader John Olivier. No relation,” Oliver said. “But from the time school lets out until dinner, he becomes, let’s say, the unconventionally handsome hero Johnny Strong.”

“Johnny Strong is a kick-ass hero with a bad attitude,” he continued. “He’s seen a boob and he knows what the f-word is. He intrepidly battles villains such as Doc Bedtime, a monster made of blankets who can magically plunge the world into total darkness.”

Another villain from Johnny Strong’s rogues gallery includes the dreaded Mrs. Thomas, a clarinet teacher who tries to convince kids the clarinet is cool.

Oliver then related one of Johnny Strong’s adventures, which involved staying up super late one night to find the mutant that has been messing with his rock collection. The mutant, it turns out, looks and acts very much like the Olivier family cat.

Watch the video above.