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John Oliver Calls ‘Bulls—‘ on Rehab Industry — Especially Those Passages Malibu Guys (Video)

The Cliffside Malibu guy gets it too — as does that fake doctor from those incessant Addition Network commercials

John Oliver just called “bulls—” on America’s high-priced drug and alcohol rehab industry.

On Sunday, the HBO “Last Week Tonight” host particularly shredded those father and son goofs (pictured above) from Passages Malibu — who, let’s be honest, definitely had it coming. Come to think of it, the Cliffside Malibu founder, who Oliver described as “if Matt Lauer f—ed a pair of Oakley sunglasses,” got it even worse.

And yes, that guy from the incessant Addiction Network commercials felt Oliver’s wrath too. He totally had it coming — and take that stethoscope off, you’re no doctor.

If you think Malibu corners the rehab market, you should (or really, shouldn’t — ever) visit South Florida. The situation down there is so dire that the awful cycle of drug, addict, and insurance abuse has been nicknamed “The Florida Shuffle.”

“The Florida Shuffle” is the spiral of admission, relapse, readmission, and relapse again, which earns a recovery center a ton of money. Clearly, that shouldn’t be encouraged — especially not over sobriety.

“Getting clean is hard. Staying clean is hard,” Oliver said. “But getting good, evidence-based, trustworthy help should be the f—ing easy part.”

Watch the video above, and then immediately cross-reference it with your insurance premiums.

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