John Oliver Reveals Terrifyingly Funny ‘Last Week Tonight’ Lost Graphics (Video)

Unused images include alligators overrunning a city, Gallagher smashing Oliver’s head with giant mallet

John Oliver returned with another “Last Week Tonight” web exclusive on Sunday, once again unveiling lost graphics that did not make it to air during the previous season of the HBO series.

Oliver opened with graphics cut from an segment on chicken farms that featured chickens with 90’s haircuts. He dubbed them “Hennifer Anniston” and “Heather Flocklear.”

Oliver also wondered why his team needed to make an image of alligators overrunning the city of Jackson, MS, as he believes it has to have happened in real life at some point.

He also took a shot at Nicholas Cage, showing the actor accepting a role in a movie with the terrible title “Bark to the Future.”

Oliver closed the segment by showing fans an image of 80’s comic Gallagher smashing a watermelon that bears Oliver’s face with a giant mallet. Let that haunt your dreams tonight.

“Last Week Tonight” returns to HBO in Feb.

Watch the video.