John Oliver Says Calling Him a Journalist Is ‘an Insult to the Current State of Journalism’ (Video)

“I’m a comedian,” HBO host clarifies

John Oliver shot down the notion that he’s a journalist during an interview with Fusion host Jorge Ramos.

“You have more credibility than most journalists here in the United States and, I would say, in many other countries,” Ramos said to Oliver, who recently interviewed NSA leaker Edward Snowden for his HBO show, “Last Week Tonight.”

“No, I’m a comedian,” Oliver said, and then explained if he is considered a journalist, then there’s a problem with the industry.

“But that is more an insult to the current state of journalism than it is a compliment for the state of comedy,” Oliver concluded.

The comedian also said there’s not a huge difference in what he’s doing compared to what Jon Stewart does: “All I’m doing now is trying to use the comedic muscles he gave me.”

He also said incoming “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah shouldn’t try to replace Jon Stewart, but instead do his own thing.

Watch the video above.