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John Oliver ‘Shallow Dives’ into 15 topics in 1 Minute (Video)

HBO host inverts normal ”Last Week Tonight“ format, covering flip flops, banjos, seagulls and more

Although John Oliver‘s “Last Week Tonight” was off for the fourth of July, the British comedian did not leave his audience wanting for two whole weeks.

Instead, Oliver posted a web-exclusive video in which he covered 15 topics in “one minute” (OK, one minute, 20 seconds), as opposed to covering one topic in 15 minutes like he normally does on his HBO show.

Oliver did a series of “shallow dives” into each topic which included:

-“Flip flops: clearly they are just lingerie for foot fetishists.”

-“Banjos: They’re just guitars whose parents are cousins.”

-“Seagulls: Like if your deadbeat brother was a flock of birds.”

Oliver almost attempted a shallow dive into the Trans-Pacific Partnership, but deemed it “too complex.” He also covered chicken soup, saying, “I don’t care if it’s good for my soul. It’s salty bird water and I’m not going to drink it.”

He closed the segment by showing viewers a picture of a pug dressed as a larger pug, then promised he would return with a new, full-length episode on July 12.

Watch the video.

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