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John Oliver Trashes Fox News’ Coverage of Coronavirus, Trump’s Allegiance to Network (Video)

HBO host says conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh now looks like ”if Santa was #MeToo-ed“

Last Updated: April 20, 2020 @ 7:11 AM

John Oliver accurately pointed out that “life’s getting pretty weird on Earth right now” during Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight,” an episode mostly dedicated to trashing Fox News’ coverage of coronavirus.

The cable news channel, which initially downplayed any threat of COVID-19 in the U.S. and then shifted to downplaying the domestic death toll, wasn’t the only conservative institution in the HBO host’s crosshairs.

Of radio host Rush Limbaugh, Oliver quipped: “You look like if Santa was #MeToo-ed, kicked out of the North Pole and forced to move to a condo in Tampa with all linoleum floors.”

He kinda does with that new white beard.

Before he got to those targets, Oliver shredded televangelist Kenneth Copeland for his dangerous COVID-19 nonsense. The “Daily Show” alum then took it to his employer’s parent company, AT&T, again.

“Oh that’s right, business daddy, you thought a pandemic would bring us together? Of course not!” Oliver said of the ongoing one-sided rivalry. “Our feud must be an essential service, because it’s still in business!”

But all of that doesn’t mean Donald Trump got off scot-free this weekend. Oliver called out the POTUS for “parroting” what he hears every night on Fox News Channel, labeling Trump a “compulsive liar.”

All of it is “infuriating,” Oliver said, including those insane (and mounting) citizen protests that aim to reopen the country early.

Watch the video above.