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John Oliver Trashes GOP for Lack of Obamacare Replacement: ‘Tick-Tock Motherf—ers’ (Video)

”Insurers are going to need an answer soon,“ ”Last Week Tonight“ host says

John Oliver did a big takeout on Obamacare in this week’s “Last Week Tonight,” more specifically focusing on the Republicans’ seeming lack of a convincing plan to replace it.

Oliver started off by saying that the GOP has been railing against the law for eight years, playing a clip of one Congressman calling it the worst piece of legislation in American history. “Good news Fugitive Slave Act, you’re officially off the hook,” Oliver joked.

Oliver then dove into the talking points that Republicans will be using to pitch the closest thing they have to a plan, including refundable tax credits. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price had previously proposed a tax credit of $1,200 for people 18-35 and $3,000 for people 50 and over.

“A tax credit that small helps cover your health insurance the way a thong covers your dad’s ass: it doesn’t,” Oliver said. “And there’s something that’s fundamentally wrong about that.”

And what about health savings accounts?

“They’re great for rich people; they’re basically a tax shelter,” he said. “But if you’re too poor to save, or you get sick enough to blow through what you’ve saved, you’re not going to be covered, and you have that thong problem again.”

Finally Oliver addressed Paul Ryan’s proposed block grants measure, which would set specific sums of money aside for the states to fund Medicaid. The problem? “If costs start to rise and the block grant doesn’t keep pace, guess what, it’s that thong. Thong thong, thong thong thong thong,” Oliver said.

He closed the segment by playing a clip from an interview with President Trump, who promised health coverage for every American, with the doctor they want, at a lower price than they are paying now.

“So anything short of that is a disaster!” Oliver said. “And insurers are going to need an answer soon, so tick-tock motherf—ers!”