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Here’s a Sneak Peek at John Oliver’s Latest Trump-Targeting ‘Fox & Friends’ Ad (Video)

Catheter Cowboy’s new message for our President airs Wednesday morning in D.C., but you can watch it now

John Oliver and “Last Week Tonight” have purchased another advertising slot on President Trump’s favorite morning TV show, “Fox & Friends.”

The HBO series previewed its latest “Catheter Cowboy” commercial on Sunday. Readers can watch it via the video above — it’s pretty good.

The spot, so clearly targeting Donald Trump and ripping Republicans’ American Health Care Act, actually airs Wednesday morning in the Washington, D.C., area. So, buckle up, Trump’s Twitter followers.

Oliver spent the lion’s share of last night’s “Last Week Tonight” tearing the AHCA apart the old-fashioned way. It seems nobody likes this proposed replacement bill.

“This bill seems almost universally hated in Washington,” Oliver said. “It is truly the Ted Cruz of healthcare legislation.”

“Essentially, it seems people on both sides see the AHCA as just being sh—y Obamacare,” he quipped, “the way Old Navy is a sh—y version of The Gap, and the way Easter, let’s be honest, should really just be called ‘Sh—y Christmas.'”

The “Daily Show” alum then broke it down in a way TheWrap’s demo could probably best grasp it: “The older you get, the more money you get — that’s easy to understand. Think of it as the exact opposite of being a woman in Hollywood.”

“This plan is literally taking money from the poor and giving it to the very rich,” he concluded.

Watch it all get ripped to shreds above. The actual ad begins after the 17-minute mark.