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John Oliver Hilariously Breaks Down a Trump Speech: ‘Staggering How Incoherent He Is’ (Video)

Catheter Cowboy returns to ”Last Week Tonight“ after HBO host nukes POTUS for 20 minutes

John Oliver obliterated Donald Trump for 24 straight minutes on last night’s “Last Week Tonight” season finale. And why not? It was the HBO host’s last chance to take a bite at that apple (pumpkin?) for a while.

“It’s staggering how incoherent he is,” Oliver said of the past year’s worth of Trump speeches.

The “Daily Show” alum then rolled audio of someone flatly reading our leader’s recent remarks on nuclear power. The words were completely un-doctored, and the message totally unintelligible.

“Holy s—. That is not a functional use of language,” Oliver reacted. “That is a drunk driver crashing a pickup truck full of Alphabet Soup. Trump’s actual speech patterns sound like when you write a long text by choosing only the predictive text your iPhone suggests for you.”

So the “Last Week Tonight” writers did exactly that — beginning simply with “The nuclear” — and Oliver’s point was quite easily proven.

“An iPhone would be a more coherent president of the United States,” he added.

Watch the video above — and be sure to stick around for the Catheter Cowboy’s triumphant return at the end.