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John Oliver Categorizes E-Scooters as ‘If Dane Cook Somehow Became Transportation’ (Video)

But most of ”Last Week Tonight“ host’s ire is saved for Trump’s trade policy

John Oliver dumped President Trump’s trade policies in the Boston (well, New York, where he films) Harbor on Sunday when the “Last Week Tonight” host magnified just how misinformed this current White House administration is on tariffs. Oh, and the “Daily Show” alum also dropped a pretty great Dane Cook joke in the process.

Remember Cook? He’s the high-energy comedian who took the stand-up world (or at least, its box office) by storm in the mid-2000s. Here’s how he fit in to Oliver’s rant on the real impact of accepting popular Chinese exports to the U.S.: “E-scooters are if Dane Cook somehow became transportation,” the HBO personality quipped of one such product.

Oliver’s main segment was intended to shed light on Trump’s understanding (or lack thereof) on trade, and our British import was more than happy to seize an opportunity to call the president of the United States a “dumb motherf—er” during it.

And don’t miss Oliver’s reenactment of Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s meeting on trade deals. Oliver also throws in a great Kevin Spacey joke around the 17-minute mark.

Watch the video above.