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John Oliver to ‘Professional Alarmist’ and ‘Sentient Polo Mallet’ Tucker Carlson: ‘F— You Forever’ (Video)

HBO host says Fox News talking head ”looks like he just saw his first black Barbie and feels confused, but mostly scared“

Last Updated: June 8, 2020 @ 8:06 AM

John Oliver used last night’s entire “Last Week Tonight” episode to attack police for attacking civilians protesting police brutality against blacks in America. Oh yeah, and to attack Tucker Carlson — Oliver fired more than a few rubber bullets at that guy.

“If you’re black in America, I can’t even begin to imagine how scared, angry and exhausted you must feel,” Oliver said on his Sunday evening program, which actually taped on Saturday morning.

Before he went back into the history of racial injustice in law enforcement, the HBO host had some choice words (spoiler alert, it was the “F” word) for President Trump — and also for anyone talking more about looting than the peaceful protesting.

Those wouldn’t be the only f—s Oliver had to give (out).

Early on, Oliver said it is “utterly f—ing disgusting” that Trump used George Floyd’s name in the same breath as May’s job numbers. You, however, should be using the names of the black people that cops killed this year, Oliver opined.

“If you’ve said the name ‘Macy’s’ more than you’ve said the name ‘Breonna Taylor’ this week, you can very much f— off,” he said.

Watch the video above.

As you’ll see toward the end, Oliver probably saved his harshest criticisms for Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson, whom he labeled a “professional alarmist.” Oliver also said Carlson has a “very bad face.”

“F— you forever, Tucker Carlson, you sentient polo mallet,” Oliver said in response to Carlson’s opposition to calls to defund police departments in their current iterations.

“Tucker Carlson has the exact level of understanding about the Black Lives Matter movement that you would expect from a man who always looks like he just saw his first black Barbie and feels confused, but mostly scared.” Oliver said.