John Oliver Urges Donald Trump to Run in 2016: ‘I Will Personally Write You a Campaign Check’ (Video)

The comedian says no one wants The Donald to be president, but everyone badly wants him to run

John Oliver has one question for the 2016 potential presidential candidates: Can't you wait like two weeks for Jon Stewart to come back?

The interim host just wants to coast through his remaining time in the big boy seat at "The Daily Show," but those possibly running for Commander-in-Chief keep emerging from the woodwork.

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Speculation on who is running began last week with Hillary Clinton (probably), Chris Christie (possibly) and Rand Paul (absolutely not). Add Canadian-born Ted Cruz to that list, who is a U.S. citizen because his mother was born in the states.

"OK well that shouldn't be a problem then, because as we know Republicans are nothing if not understanding on that particular issue," Oliver joked.

Rick Santorum may also be back in for the next time. This is starting to look like 2012 to Oliver. Especially considering Donald Trump has again said he may be on the ballot. For that comedic opportunity alone, Oliver is breaking out his checkbook.

Watch the video: