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John Oliver Wants Jon Stewart Hologram to Take Over 'Daily Show' (Video)

The 'Last Week Tonight' host thinks if they can make a Tupac hologram, Jon Stewart should be easy

If John Oliver has his way, Jon Stewart may not have to leave "The Daily Show" after all.

The "Last Week Tonight" host appeared on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" on Tuesday, during which Fallon asked Oliver who he feels should replace Stewart.

Oliver was quick to say that he owes Stewart "everything," then said, "How about hologram Jon?" The way Oliver sees it, Stewart has said virtually every word in the English language at this point, making the process much easier. "If you can put Oliver Reed in a film that he wasn't in, surely you can have hologram Jon, like Tupac, hosting the show every night."

Jimmy Fallon seemed thrilled by the idea, believing Comedy Central has found the answer to their problem in "Jon Tupac."

There was speculation initially that Oliver would take over the host spot on Stewart's long-running satirical news show. However, those rumors dissipated quickly when HBO announced that it had renewed "Last Week Tonight" for another two seasons.