John Oliver Thinks Washington Post Is Front for Jeff Bezos’ Massive Meth Operation (Video)

The money-losing paper is the Amazon founder's car wash, a la "Breaking Bad"

John Oliver gets all of his news from Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show" — which means he's been grossly uninformed this summer as his boss is on hiatus.

But other people still get news from actual newspapers, such as the Washington Post, which was recently purchased by CEO Jeff Bezos.

This led to the following jokes: "The paper now comes in ludicrously wasteful packaging," Oliver said. And, "I will say, they've made it much easier to return the news if you don't like it."

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Why Bezos would buy a dying paper is anybody's guess — and everybody has made one. So the interim "Daily Show" host was forced to come to one conclusion: This is Bezos' car wash — a front for a massive meth operation, a la "Breaking Bad."

After running down a list of other billionaires buying newspaper businesses, Oliver joked, "Currently there are more people buying newspapers, than there are people buying newspapers."

Watch the clip: