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John Oliver’s Wife Doesn’t Think He’s Funny, Is a Way Better Person Than Him (Video)

Comedian vs. triage nurse…

John Oliver is British, so naturally, he hates himself.

His wife may not entirely share that sentiment, but it can’t be easy to be married to a comedian who you don’t find funny.

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The host of HBO’s new Sunday news satire “Last Week Tonight” headed back to weeknight television with an appearance on David Letterman‘s “Late Show” — allegedly, a show he could have hosted had things shaken out a little bit differently. He didn’t seem to have any regrets, though, as Letterman congratulated him on the success of his program and his ubiquity throughout New York’s public transportation system.

Oliver mentioned that his wife was in the audience, though it wasn’t really to support him; she’s just a huge fan of Martin Short, who was also guesting on Letterman that night. In fact, Oliver’s wife — a combat medic, and thusly a much more generous and important person than he — doesn’t even find him funny, which is remarkably not yet putting a strain on their marriage.

Hopefully Jim Gaffigan never becomes available.

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