John Podhoretz Declares Victory in War With NYC Restaurant Chain

“I complained about service and they were wonderfully responsive!” he told TheWrap.

John Podhoretz

Commentary Magazine editor-in-chief John Podhoretz declared victory on Tuesday after receiving a handwritten apology from the manager of Schnippers, a local New York City restaurant chain, after his lunch took over an hour to be delivered.

“I want to reach out and apologize for today’s order. Over an hour is too long to wait when you’re right up the street,” wrote Jahred Haynes, the general manager of the restaurant’s 41st location wrote in a handwritten note to Podhoretz on Tuesday, while also offering him a goodie bag of chips, brownies and shakes.

In addition to his role with Commentary, Podhoretz also regularly writes for the New York Post and is frequent guest on MSNBC.


Haynes, 37, told TheWrap that it was all part of the job.

“Sadly, I’ve been doing this about 20 years and over the course of my career, in general and with Schnippers, I’ve written many handwritten heartfelt notes just apologizing when we sometimes fail to meet expectations to our customers,” he said.

Haynes said Podhoretz ordered a black cherry soda, a sloppy joe with no bun with cheese sauce, and order of fires and that he was a frequent customer.

Before receiving his apology, Podhoretz launched into a four-tweet tirade against the restaurant. He later deleted the tweets, but not before they could be screenshot by Barstool Sports personality Dan Katz.

“I made an order more than an hour ago. I’ve now called twice. Been put on hold for five minutes each time. I will now tweet out that no one should ever order from you every fifteen minutes today and tomorrow,” he said tagging the company account.

“No one should ever order from you. Ever,” Podhoretz added. “Aren’t you ashamed of your dreadful, horrific service?”

Haynes, a food service veteran with stints at Dallas BBQ, Chipotle and Pret a Manger, told TheWrap he was determined to win back Podhoretz’s trust, but also said he was no hero.

“It would have been heroic to get the order correct the first time,” he said. “to come in after the fact and clean up the mess is not heroic.”

Reached for comment Podhoretz denied that he went to war with the chain.

“You’re insane! There was no war! I complained about service and they were wonderfully responsive!,” he told TheWrap. “Seriously, man. Do something productive with your life.”