Johnny Depp Mocks Australia Dog-Smuggling Apology (Video)

Actor jokes about legal trouble in the land down under while promoting “Alice Through the Looking Glass” in England

Last Updated: May 9, 2016 @ 7:17 AM

After his Australian international incident, “Alice Through the Looking Glass” star Johnny Depp is wisely leaving his dogs stateside while in England. But that didn’t stop him from making a joke about the original situation while promoting his new film.

“I’m gonna do this everywhere I go,” Depp began. “I would really like to apologize for not smuggling my dogs into England, because it would have been a bad thing to do.”

The actor was mocking the odd, proof-of-life-style video he and his wife, Amber Heard, were forced to make after not declaring their dogs on a trip to Australia. The mea culpa was widely made fun of across late-night TV — and even by the Aussie deputy prime minister.

In his own self-deprecating opportunity, Depp continued: “Because the Australians, though a little chipper …”

He wisely stopped there, and was cut off (Read: saved) by his co-stars. One of those guys even quipped that he accidentally killed Depp’s dogs by sitting on them backstage.

“I tried to kill them after Australia,” Depp offered.

Watch the video above.