How Johnny Galecki Helped Sara Gilbert Name Their ‘Roseanne’ Son (Video)

The name “Mark” calls back to the original series

Johnny Galecki played a bigger role on the “Roseanne” revival than signaled by his guest spot as Darlene (Sara Gilbert)’s ex David.

Gilbert said on “The Talk” Monday that she asked the “Big Bang Theory” star’s advice on what they should name their characters’ son on the show.

“I thought, oh, well I’ve got to reach out to Johnny Galecki, because this is our kid together,” Gilbert said. “So I texted him: ‘What do you think we named our baby boy?'”

Gilbert then said that she thought of the name Mark, because David’s brother, played by Glenn Quinn for the sitcom, passed away in the original iteration of the series.

“‘Johnny said, ‘oh, definitely Mark,'” Gilbert said.

The actress added that she posted their text conversation before joining the ladies of “The Talk.”

“Then I posted it today, and Johnny answered, and he said: ‘I don’t think we’ve ever agreed on anything so quickly,'” she said.

See the full video above.