Johnny Knoxville Has Sex With a Soda Machine in ‘Bad Grandpa’ Redband Trailer (Video)

The “Jackass” star also boozes it up with a child

Johnny Knoxville is not fit to be a parent. And he is clearly ill-suited to be a grandparent.

Knoxville sets all kinds of terrible examples for his young co-star, Billy (Jackson Nicoll), in the redband trailer for the upcoming Jackass film “Bad Grandpa.”

Irving Zisman (Knoxville) gets his privates stuck in a soda machine, drinks up with the child, strips and nearly gets his ass kicked by a variety of unsuspecting co-stars.

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He also doles out some advice to a young food vendor: “If I had all the money I spent on poontang, you know what I’d do with it? Spend it on poontang.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Jackass film without the star flying through a plate glass window and even crashing a funeral.

“Bad Grandpa” comes out Nov. 14.

Watch the redband trailer above.