Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten Likes Trump ‘Because He Terrifies Politicians’ (Video)

Former Sex Pistols frontman says left-wing media unfarily smears Trump as racist

Sex Pistols singer Johnny Rotten said Donald Trump could be a “possible friend” while defending the president Monday on ITV’s “Good Morning Britain.”

Rotten said that Trump is a “complicated fellow” but blamed the “left-wing media” for dubbing the president a racist.

“One journalist once said to me, ‘Is he the political Sex Pistol?’ In a way [he is],” Rotten said of Trump. “There are many, many problems with him as a human being but he’s not that [racist] and there just might be a chance something good will come out of that situation because he terrifies politicians.”

He continued: “This is a joy to behold for me. Dare I say, [Trump could be] a possible friend.”

Good Morning Britain co-host and outspoken Trump supporter Piers Morgan chimed in, saying that Trump mirrors the Sex Pistols’ anti-establishment roots.

Despite representing the GOP, Trump is hardly a conventional politician. The Sex Pistols were an English punk rock band that rose to fame in the ’70s, in part, for their anti-establishment message — which explains Rotten’s comparison of Trump to his band.

During the interview, Rotten also backed Brexit and called former UKIP leader Nigel Farage “fantastic.”

Watch the video above.