Watch Joker, Pennywise Beat the Giant Shoes Off of James Corden and Other Regular Clowns (Video)

Seth Green’s take on Batman villain gets ’em with the old buzzer trick

It’s a tough time for clowns. Due to the success of “It” and “Joker,” regular party jesters are getting shut out of gigs, much to the dismay of James Corden, Cedric the Entertainer, Max Greenfield and Olivia Harewood.

On Thursday’s “Late Late Show,” that group of four *normal* clowns are drowning in their sorrows at a dive bar — at least, as much as one can drown with $9.74 between them.

“Man, I hope things swing back around soon,” Harewood says. “I haven’t had a birthday party in six months.”

“You said it,” Cedric adds. “I’ve got another kid on the way.”

“We used to be the life of the party,” Greenfield, his co-star on CBS’ “The Neighborhood,” chimes in. “I used to grand-marshal parades, now I can’t even pick up my kids from school without the cops being called on me.”

Enter Joker (Seth Green) and Pennywise (Pete Holmes), who have apparently ruined the profession for the good ones. The bad guys are doing quite well for themselves these days.

That’s when things get testy and head outside.

CLOWN FIGHT! A couple of mimes even up the odds for Joker and Pennywise.

When the cops come, guess how the getaway car gag goes?

Watch the video above.

Corden’s prop department is really getting their money’s worth out of that Pennywise costume, huh?