John C. Reilly Recalls the Time He Robbed a Freight Train on ‘Conan’ (Video)

The 500 boxes of sugary cereal “might as well have been gold bars” to the comedic actor and his friends

Last Updated: August 4, 2014 @ 11:13 AM

John C. Reilly is a certified badass.

The last time the comedic actor appeared on “Conan,” he shared a story about making a bomb. He told host Conan O’Brien Thursday about the time that he and his boyhood friends robbed a freight train on the Southside of Chicago. You know, for kicks.

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After busting through the train car’s padlock with a boulder, Reilly and his gang discovered floor-to-ceiling boxes of Sugar Corn Pops. “It might as well have been gold bars to us,” Reilly remembered.

The “Wreck-It Ralph” actor estimates they stole “probably 500 boxes,” fireman line style. The cereal party that followed the felony was pretty epic — as was the diabetes.

Watch the clip:

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