Jon Cryer Kills Off Charlie Sheen’s ‘Two and a Half Men’ Character on ‘Conan’ (Video)

Conan O’Brien solves the mystery of how Sheen will be written out of the hit show

Death by improbably large metal grinder, after a fall from his balcony, under the watchful, complicit eyes of Jon Cryer.

That's how Charlie Sheen's "Two and a Half Men" character will be killed off this fall, if Conan O'Brien and his team of writers have any say in the matter.

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The clever editing gag appeared during O'Brien's monologue on Thursday's edition of "Conan." It might just be us, but death by grinder seems every bit as plausible and almost certainly as entertaining as whatever Chuck Lorre and pals will cook up when the show returns September 19.