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Jon Hamm, Rachel Dratch Support Will Forte as Jimmy Fallon ‘Tests His Beard for Poop’ (Video)

“Last Man on Earth” actor tells “Tonight Show” host that his biggest fear is finding “human waste” in his facial hair

For postapocalyptic comedy “Last Man on Earth,” Will Forte has nurtured a bushy beard to play the only human survivor of a deadly virus.

But his overgrown facial hair has sprouted new health concerns as Forte revealed to Jimmy Fallon on Thursday that someone sent him an article about just how “bacteria-filled beards are.”

When asked what his biggest fear was about what could be in there, the comic actor said candidly: “I think we all know what the biggest fear is … human waste, or any waste! Animal waste, fecal matter.

“That is a very real thing,” he said. “A lot of these beards are riddled with fecal matter.”

Forte looked seriously concerned about the problem, telling Fallon: “If they find out there is poop in your beard, that becomes the headliner.”

“So all your years on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ acting and on ‘Last Man On Earth’ goes to the wayside — oh, look who it is, ‘Poop Beard,'” Fallon joked.

“The Tonight Show” host brought in a UCLA scholar to test Forte’s beard, and even let the actor bring out a support system to hold his hand while he found out the results.

His loyal pals turned out to be very familiar faces — former “SNL” co-star Rachel Dratch and “Mad Men” actor Jon Hamm.

When asked what they thought before the tests came out, “Oh, he’s got poop in his beard,” Hamm said confidently.

The tests showed that Forte had a combination of bacteria in his facial hair, including ones commonly found in soil, sneakers, dirty showers, trash cans and yeast.

But fortunately, the test for poop was — drum roll, please — NEGATIVE.

The good news sparked a party on stage full of celebratory hugs and dancing. “I was so scared,” Forte screeched while flinging his arms around Hamm and Dratch.

“The Tonight Show” airs at 11:35 p.m. on NBC.