Jon Hamm: Kristen Wiig May Not Sign on for ‘Bridesmaids’ Sequel

The “Mad Men” star, who also appeared in Universal’s summer comedy hit, told E! Online he isn’t sure his co-star will reprise her role

Actor Jon Hamm is questioning whether Kristen Wiig will return for a sequel to "Bridesmaids."

"I don't think Kristen is going to do it," Hamm told E! Online

Hamm had a small part in this summer's raunchy R-rated hit, and told E! Online that he hadn't decided if he'd be in a sequel: "They need to lock (Wiig) up before me," he said.

Universal hasn't yet announced a sequel to "Bridesmaids," a $32 million comedy that has grossed nearly $285 million worlwide.

Director Paul Feig, however, has said that a follow-up to the fillm has been discussed.

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Participation from "Saturday Night Live" star Wiig would seem to be a vital ingredient for any sequel to go forward.

For all intent and purposes, "Bridesmaids" was her movie. In addition to starring in it, she wrote it with Annie Mumolo. In doing so, she created — or at least energized — a new genre: the female-driven R-rated comedy.

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Universal would love to make another "Bridesmaids," but there's no deal in place.

A representative for Wiig wouldn't comment.