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Jon Stewart Sets Date for His Final ‘Daily Show’ Episode (Video)

”My last ‘Daily Show’ program will be August the 6th. I will be wearing a suit, I will more than likely be showered,“ the Comedy Central host says during Monday’s show

Jon Stewart announced that August 6 will be his departure date as host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.”

“I mentioned to you earlier that I would keep you up to date on any new information about the transition of the program and all those other things,” Stewart said on Monday night’s episode.

“My last ‘Daily Show’ program will be August the 6th. I will be wearing a suit, I will more than likely be showered,” he said, then joked: “I am sorry … I will be wearing overalls and I won’t shower.

The popular anchor of the long-running satirical news show announced in February that he would exit “The Daily Show” after 16 years on the Comedy Central news desk.

“I hope that you will join us for that program and as a matter of fact you can actually join us here in reality,” Stewart said, revealing details of contest in which viewers can win trip to New York to attend the taping of his final episode.

“It’s going to be a pretty good episode. You’ll get flown to New York, get put up in a nice hotel and maybe you can sit here and take selfies. And all of the money goes to Night of Too Many Stars – New York Collaborates for Autism,” telling viewers to go to Omaze.com/dailyshow. “Maybe we’ll see you August 6th and we’ll have a nice hug!”

In a revealing new interview published Saturday, Stewart said “dissatisfaction” and the 2016 presidential election were the main reasons he chose to step down.

“It’s not like I thought the show wasn’t working any more, or that I didn’t know how to do it. It was more, ‘Yup, it’s working. But I’m not getting the same satisfaction,'” Stewart told U.K. newspaper The Guardian.

With the presidential primary campaigns kicking off, Stewart knew it was time for a change.

“I’d covered an election four times, and it didn’t appear that there was going to be anything wildly different about this one,” he said.

Stewart began his long “Daily Show” gig in Jan. 11, 1999, taking over for Craig Kilborn, who had anchored the program for three years. Kilborn left Comedy Central for CBS’s “Late Late Show,” which he anchored until 2004.

In a 2009 Time magazine online poll, Stewart was ironically declared America’s most trusted newsman. The outgoing cable host earns an estimated salary of $25 million-$35 million per year.

Last month 31-year-old South African Trevor Noah, was named as Stewart’s replacement.

Watch video of his announcement here.