Jon Stewart, Bill O’Reilly to Go at Each Other Again

“Daily Show” and “Factor” hosts to appear on each other’s shows

Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly are set to go at it again.

Stewart is set to appear on “The O’Reilly Factor” on September 22 – the second time the “Daily Show” host and frequent Fox News critic has appeared on the show this year.

In February, Stewart appeared on “The Factor” for the first time since 2004. The interview — not as contentious or adversarial as one would've hope for – was aired in two parts over two nights.

That interview drew big ratings, and no doubt this one will, too, though the marquee matchup at this point would be a Stewart-Glenn Beck showdown. That would draw massive ratings for Fox and, indirectly, Comedy Central.

The occasion of Stewart’s appearance this time, like it was in 2004, is so he can hawk a book — in this case, "Earth (The Book)."

In return, O’Reilly will return the favor – agreeing to appear on the “Daily Show” on September 27. Perhaps O’Reilly will promote his “Bold & Fresh Tour” Tour of the country with Glenn Beck.