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Jon Stewart Blasts Media for Ignoring ‘Problematic Racial Divide’ Oklahoma Frat Chant Exposes (Video)

”Racism is on its last leg,“ a Fox News personality said on the air

Jon Stewart criticized Fox News and MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” for their coverage of an Oklahoma fraternity caught shouting a racist chant in a video that has since gone viral.

When “Morning Joe” hosts blamed rap music for the fraternity’s behavior, Stewart quickly pointed out that the students were not reciting a rap song, but rather an “anti-negro spiritual.”

The departing “Daily Show” host expounded on the issue by claiming that media outlets in America often treat problems like the fraternity video as isolated incidents, rather than indicators of a larger “problematic racial divide” in America.

Stewart gawked, in particular, when a Fox News guest noted, “Racism is on its last leg.”

“Pretty strong f–king leg,” Stewart joked. “I think it might be a bionic leg.”

Watch the video here.