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Jon Stewart Blasts Backlash to Gay Marriage in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas (Video)

The ‘Daily Show’ host broke down conservative efforts to block marriage equality legislation

Jon Stewart opened “The Daily Show” on Monday by criticizing conservative politicians’ attempts to stop the spread of gay marriage, which has already been legalized in 37 states.

For example, the Georgia state senate recently approved a religious freedom bill, which aims to prevent Christians from being discriminated against for their beliefs.

As Stewart put it, the law aims “to protect the real victims of discrimination: Christian florists,” referring to the Washington florist who refused to provide flowers for a same-sex wedding ceremony.

The Comedy Central host also lambasted the Intrastate Commerce Improvement Act, a recent Arkansas law that prevents the passing of laws that would protect LGBT citizens. Stewart believes the law’s name was taken from “The Big Book of Bulls–t Names You Can Call Laws.”

Stewart next turned his attention to Oklahoma, where lawmakers recently introduced legislation that changes marriage licenses from a civil document to one issued by a member of the clergy.

“So Oklahoma wants to replace a civil institution with a religious one,” Stewart said. “Which, maybe I’m wrong here, is sharia law.”

According to Stewart, though, no state is as ahead of the curve on denying rights to gay citizens as Texas is. State representative Tony Tinderholt recently filed a complaint against a judge for issuing a marriage license to a lesbian couple. Tinderholt, meanwhile, is currently on his fifth marriage.

Watch the video here.