Jon Stewart Blasts Barack Obama, Tea Party Over ‘Turd’ Debt Deal

Stewart is incredulous when he realizes the Tea Party still will not support it when there are no new revenues in the deal

As the Democrats cave and the Tea Party rages on, neither side is happy with the budget deal. Not surprisingly, the deal rendered Jon Stewart incredulous.

"The Daily Show" host thought he recalled President Barack Obama assuring everyone that no budget would pass without revenue increases, meaning tax cuts.

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"That's … eh … they must have forgotten to add 'and with the new balanced approach to deficit reduction forged by rational adults, there are some revenue increases whilst preserving some vital government functions.'"

Nope. After a video of a skunk with its head in a jar of peanut butter and Obama thanking the American people for pushing a deal forward, Stewart dubbed the compromise a "turd."

He then assumed the Republicans were happy beacuse the Democrats got "hosed."

Nope. "What the fee-fi-fo-fuck!" Stewart screamed.

That seems to be the prevailing sentiment.

Here's the video: