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Jon Stewart Blasts Eric Garner Decision: ‘I Need More F*cking Time’ (Video)

”If comedy is tragedy plus time, I need more f*cking time, but I’d really settle for less f*cking tragedy,“ Stewart says about injustice of non-indictment in Garner chokehold case

Jon Stewart was more serious than usual Wednesday night, taking on the non-indictment in the Eric Garner case.

“I don’t know. I honestly don’t know what to say. If comedy is tragedy plus time, I need more fucking time, but I’d really settle for less f*cking tragedy,” Stewart said.

Stewart pointed out the stark differences between the case of Michael Brown and the case of Eric Garner: no camera footage of the incident between Brown and officer Darren Wilson in comparison to clear video footage of African American Eric Garner being brought down to the ground and choked to death while screaming, “I can’t breathe.”

Interesting to note, one of Stewart’s favorite sparring partners agreed with him in opposition to the non-indictment in the Garner case.

“He did not deserve what happened to him,” Bill O’Reilly said on Fox News about Eric Garner.

Watch Stewart above.