Jon Stewart Blasts Obama’s Paris Absence: ‘What the F-ck?!’ (Video)

Stewart puts on best Beret and mustache; lists oppressive global leaders who attended march

Last Updated: January 13, 2015 @ 6:13 AM

Jon Stewart donned a French mustache and Beret to recap the country’s weekend march for unity Monday night, and called out President Obama for his controversial absence.

“Look how many world leaders he could have bowed down to and apologized to?” Stewart joked referencing the GOP’s meme that the president has bowed down to oppressive world leaders.

“How can the U.S. not be there when representatives of such beacons of freedom and lack of censorship as journalist-punishing Russia was there, journalist-jailing Turkey was there, Egypt—enough said, Palestinian-cartoonists-jailing Israel was there, and of course, our greatest ally Saudi Arabia was there, although a little out of breath having just days ago flogged a blogger.”

Stewart then noted U.S. Attorney General was in Paris, but didn’t attend the march.

“What the f*ck?!” Stewart responded. “Oh I get it, you were probably taking advantage of the shortest tourist lines in French history.”

Watch the video above.