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Jon Stewart Calls Dick Cheney ‘America’s Tragedy Herpe’ in Iraq Takedown (Video)

There was also the obligatory evil Sith emperor joke

The tragic past is the troubled present in Iraq and American politics, which, on the bright side, means that Jon Stewart can dust off his most successful material for another go-round.

See video: Jon Stewart Returns to His Glory Days of Ripping Apart Iraq War Hawks

As the fragile pseudo-democracy starts to crumble in Iraq, “The Daily Show” host has been given the opportunity to take on old enemies like Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz, Republican architects of the disastrous war of a decade again. On Monday, that meant presenting old file footage of Cheney praising the same troop withdrawal agreement that he recently decried while wearing a cowboy hat in a web video co-starring his silent daughter.

It also meant making fun of Cheney’s terrible phlegm.

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