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Jon Stewart Calls Out WWE Superstar Seth Rollins: ‘I’m Coming for You’ (Video)

“The Daily Show” host says the wrestler will face the wrath of “160 pounds of dynamite”

Jon Stewart‘s departure from “The Daily Show” could mean big things for his professional wrestling career.

The host posted a video on YouTube Thursday calling out WWE Superstar Seth Rollins after the wrestler made disparaging remarks about “The Daily Show” on this week’s episode of  WWE’s “Monday Night Raw.”

He told the “Raw” audience that he could “take over as host of ‘The Daily Show’ and make that thing actually watchable.”

In his response video, Stewart said that Rollins has “made a lot of mistakes in [his] life … But this is the biggest mistake you ever made by coming after ‘The Daily Show.'”

Rollins, one of the top bad guys on the current WWE roster, was previously aligned with a group known as The Shield before he turned on them and joined The Authority, a group run by WWE Executive Vice President Triple H and his wife, Stephanie McMahon.

Stewart went on to say, “I’m coming for you, Rollins! And you’re gonna see it — 160 pounds of dynamite.”

After a pause, the 52-year-old political satirist then amended his threat by saying: “Obviously not dynamite. My bone density is not what it used to be … 160 pounds of wood. A soft wood, like a pine, like a balsa.

“Still, splinters, that’s going to hurt. You messed with the wrong guy, and I am coming.”

Having announced his upcoming retirement from the Comedy Central show earlier this month, Stewart will soon have a lot more time on his hands. Could this be a Wrestelmania main event in the making?

Watch video of Stewart’s challenge here, and Rollins’ comments that sparked the feud below.