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Jon Stewart, Chris Meloni Mock Pepper Spray Cop (Video)

The "Occupy Wall Street" protest pepper spray cop is Anthony Bologna, a name that turns out to be a gift from the comedy gods

A cop working at the Wall Street protests last weekend unleashed a canister of pepper spray on some of the protestors, and that gave Jon Stewart a great idea for a new TV cop series on last night's "Daily Show."

The New York City policeman who Stewart described as the "human crop duster raining habanero misery on the crowd" was Deputy inspector Anthony Bologna. But Stewart calls him "Tony Baloney," and enlisted former "Law & Order: SVU" star Christopher Meloni to imagine what a Tony Baloney TV drama might be like.

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Watch the clip below to see the TV series about "a city gone mad," where "Tony Baloney was the fine mist of the law."