Jon Stewart Creates a New Meme: Willie Geist’s Disapproving Glare

The MSNBC regular appeared on camera during Mark Halperin’s apology for calling Obama a dick

Jon Stewart took Time magazine reporter Mark Halperin to the comedy woodshed on Wednesday night's edition of "The Daily Show" for the verbal gaffe that led to his being suspended indefinitely from MSNBC.

Halperin half-joked on Wednesday's edition of "Morning Joe" that Obama was "kind of a dick" during a recent press conference. The comment slipped by the network's censors despite his asking before the "dick" move whether producers were using the standard seven-second delay.

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Naturally, Stewart giggled like a schoolboy at the use of such language.

"[It] was maybe one of the greatest things I've ever seen in my life," said Stewart.

But "The Daily Show" host had even more fun with Halperin's subsequent on-air apology due to MSNBC's odd decision to include "Morning Joe" contributor Willie Geist in the shot during the mea culpa.

"You knew [Halperin] was going to apologize," joked Stewart, "but what you didn't know is that his apology would be chaperoned by show regular Willie Geist's disapproving glare."

He then suggested that Geist should be involved in every public apology ever.

"For my money, having him there works," said Stewart. "It has that look of 'No, mister!'"

And then he landed the joke by superimposing Geist's disapproving mug next to Anthony Weiner, Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Kanye West, Richard Nixon and Eliot Spitzer during their famous apologies — and even put him next to that snivelling actress in a memorable scene from "The Blair Witch Project."

If Willie Geist's disapproving glare doesn't become the latest meme, the Internet isn't doing its job.