Jon Stewart, ‘Daily Show’ Cronies Take Down Anthony Weiner, One Ethnicity at a Time (Video)

Not sure who is left to vote for the disgraced candidate, who is seemingly an equal-opportunity offender

Jon Stewart and his cronies took down Anthony Weiner on Thursday one ethnicity at a time.

First, Jessica Williams was up in Harlem, where the young comedian learned from the mayoral candidate — and her significantly older boss — exactly what a boom box was.

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Next, Aasif Mandvi went to Murray Hill, where he reported that Weiner totally blew the Indian vote when his dipped his samosa in his mango lassi. Can you believe that? His samosa, in mango lassi! That’s wrong, right?

And you don’t even want to know how Weiner managed to upset Al Madrigal and the Latino community. OK, yes you do, so watch the video below.

Then there was that fight Weiner had in a Kosher bakery on the high holy day, Rosh Hashanah, though that footage may actually explain a number of his deviant behaviors.

Watch the video: